Linkage to Care

TruEvolution offers HIV care services to provide streamlined and rapid linkage within 72 hours of a client’s HIV diagnosis or enrollment as a TruEvolution client.

What is Linkage?

Meet & Greet:
The client receives initial intake into one of our partnering clinics. The client’s labs are drawn and they receive consultation from their Nursing Case Manager

The Numbers:
The client is prescribed a recommended therapy to manage their HIV after receiving results from their labs detailing:

  • Current viral load - the concentration of virus within your system
  • Current T-cell count-- the number of white blood cells still actively protecting your body

Viral Suppression:
TruEvolution follows our client to ensure they have achieved viral suppression, or undetectable status, upon the 2nd follow-up appointment (3rd visit to the clinic). This means the HIV virus can no longer be detected with HIV testing, and this undetectable status can remain with ongoing treatment. This also means the virus cannot be passed on to other people, what is known as U=U (undetectable = untransmittable).

Quality of Life:
Upon preliminary diagnosis, TruEvolution immediately offers the client referral into the organization’s clinical therapy program where they will receive both one-to-one mental health assessment as well as referral into our weekly support groups overseen by a clinical therapist. Clients who indicate they are in need of ongoing psychotherapeutic and counseling services can be enrolled into our behavioral health program if requested.

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© 2020 TruEvolution. All Rights Reserved.

© 2020 TruEvolution. All Rights Reserved.