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Youth United Conference & Mentoring Program

Youth United is an LGBTQ+ youth advocacy and health education program that focuses on the mental and sexual wellness of LGBTQ+ youth from a human rights lens. The program encompasses various components including: sexual health workshops, mental health interactive discussions, community-building, mentorship, and youth organizing as it relates to LGBTQ+ youth and young adults. Our conference also partners with local community partners for a health fair that offers accessible resources on health & wellness.

Youth United Conference

Youth United gathers LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-18 from across the Inland Empire for an annual convening of leadership, fellowship, mentorship, and activism. Addressing the mental and sexual health topics that most affect LGBTQ youth more than any other population, Youth United provides a safe and healing space for LGBTQ youth in the region to:

  • Engage in dialogue and peer-to-peer health education
  • Promote safe sex education and trauma-informed discussions
  • Mobilize youth to lead their own advocacy campaigns and activations in their institutions and student groups
  • Promote mental wellness, including defensive strategies against anxiety, depression, and identify development
  • Create a pipeline of youth-leaders that will promote accessibility, availability, and acceptability of TruEvolution health services

Youth United was instituted to create an advocacy platform to identify and address the needs of LGBTQ+ youth in the Inland Empire. It is our belief that a for-us, by-us approach will empower LGBTQ+ youth to give voice and actively advocate on social issues impact.

Youth United Mentorship Program

Mentorship is a key component of Youth United. Our Youth United Mentorship Program addresses three components: Community, Advocacy, and Professional Development. Within the mentorship program, mentees explore Community identity, ethnic identity, and sexual identity to better understand the communities they are in. Our Advocacy component focuses on education and advocacy for Sexual Education (AB 329), LGBTQ+ Inclusion in History curriculum, and Research that is diverse. Professional Development helps foster workforce development (Summer and Post Graduation) as well as helping our mentee apply to higher education institutions.

TruEvolution’s ultimate goal is to create a youth-driven movement that will promote health equity, racial justice, and gender and sexual equality for all underserved youth in the Inland Empire.