2014 Global Awareness Summit

April 2014
bringing attention to global issues and social iniquities &
how we as an educated collective can become active participants in the healing of our world.
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An exhibition of global issues, including a series of workshops conducted by some of the leading grassroots organizations in a myriad of areas from Human Trafficking and Social Conflict to HIV/AIDS Awareness and Environmental Injustices. This weekend-long conference is designed to be an unrestricted space of educated dialogue and meaningful conversation on the social issues directly and indirectly affecting our everyday lives. This event is also a celebration of the freedom we hold as a people to express thought and opinion on global issues.
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​​Topics Covered


​​Environmental Intices

              Human Trafficking


How Will This Project Benefit the Community:

Bringing attention to global issues that are not only affecting the world on a macro level but are also having adverse impacts on our communities on a micro-level (i.e. poverty, HIV/AIDS, environment, etc)


In addition, it will bring attention to frequently unrecognized organizations within the community; provide them a platform to recruit, fundraiser, and bring in volunteers as well as allow them to fulfill their outreach goals in adhering to their mission statements.

• Ultimately, students will be connected to resources, organizations, and link-minded change-makers who they may not otherwise share space with

• This event will work to bring inter-community bonds as well as bonds between multiple communities throughout the region.